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Hailea Water Heaters

Hailea Water Heaters


If your nutrients solutions become too cold, plants can stop growing, delaying your crop and lowering your yields. With Hailea Water Heaters you can fight back. These clever elements heat the water to a precise temperature, allowing you to create optimal growing conditions. 

Most plants do best in soil temperatures around 12C. Lower than that, and root growth can slow. Higher than around 18 to 20 C, issues with root rot can begin to develop. However, many hydroponics systems depend on the ambient heat to regulate the temperature of the water, and that's where problems can start. 

The Hailea Water Heat is a plug-and-play device for your reservoirs. The equipment thermostatically controls heat output in the 16 C to 32 C range, allowing you to calibrate root temperatures precisely. These heaters are particularly useful in the winter when indoor growing environments tend to be at their coolest. 

Features of Hailea Water Heaters

  • Keeps growing solutions warm during the winter months
  • Controls the temperature between 16C and 32C
  • Available in a range of power-ratings
  • Increases the yield of your crop year-round
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