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Flexi Tank

Flexi Tank


If you're growing a lot of plants, chances are you're going to be using a whole lot of water to keep them refreshed and healthy. If your grow room is far from your usual water source, you may find yourself going back and forth filling up watering cans or buckets to water your plants. This highly inconvenient and you could use yur time doing so many more productive things! This is where the Flexi Tank Comes in useful.

The Flexi Tank is the ultimate water storage solution. This waterproof fabric reservoir is a great way to store water in your grow room. It has four legs and one tap for straightforward and mess free dispensing.

Of course, there are rigid, plastic water tanks available on the market. These are fine and will do the job of providing you with a water source in your grow room. But the Flexi Tank is a step up. It's easy to store, transport, set up and use. Rather than having one, large, rigid tank, you can have a flexible and malleable tank, which can pack down flat and be easily moved whenever you please! Whether that's moving it from one area of your property to another, moving home, lending it to a friend or any other use!

  • Waterproof fabric
  • Tap for easy dispensing
  • Can pack down flat
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