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Ecothrive Eco-Life Soil

Ecothrive Eco-Life Soil


Ecothirve Eco-Life Soil is a new type of soil designed by both Ecothrive and Indoor Organics to bring out the very best in your plants. It is a 100 per cent living soil made entirely of natural ingredients, making it ideal for small-scale growers who want to give their plants a boost. 

Ecothrive Eco-Life Soil contains all of the nutrients plants need from seeding to harvest. The soil helps to guard against lockouts and deficiencies while supporting the healthy and vigorous blooming of your plants. 

The wonderful thing about this soil is how simple it makes everything. You just plant your seeds in the soil, water and watch it grow. It's that simple. 

The most recent version of this product is made indoors for maximum control over the preparation process. And Ecothive now uses pumice instead of perlite to further enhance the quality of the soil. 

Features of Ecothrive Eco-Life Soil

  • 100 per cent living soil, wholly organic and friendly to the environment
  • Suitable for plants from seeding to harvesting
  • Provides a full complement of nutrients that plants need
  • No more lockouts or deficiencies
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