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Canna Terra Professional Soil


Canna Terra Professional Soil is the ultimate potting mix for your plants. It contains the precise combination of ingredients to foster your plants' growth, encouraging thicker stems and a strong bloom. 

Canna Terra Professional contains a combination of perlite, sphagnum moss peat and black peat. It also combines with a special blend of booster ingredients that make it suitable for outdoor and indoor growing use. 

As far as high-nitrogen potting mixes go, this is among the best. It uses a type of tree bark that naturally resists soil infections and keeps plants healthy. And it encourages strong and thick root networks for robust plants that survive for several seasons, keeping your crop productivity high. 

The nutrient formulation in Canna Terra Professional makes it ideal for fast-growing species. If you find that your plants are failing to thrive, you can use this soil to boost them. 

Features of Canna Terra Professional Soil

  • The only potting mix you'll ever need
  • High nitrogen content to support rapid plant growth
  • Contains perlite, black peat and moss peat for rapid growth
  • Keeps plants strong and healthy
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