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Black & White Sheeting

Black & White Sheeting


Are you looking to make the most of the light in your indoor growing rooms? If so, black and white sheeting can help. The interior face of the sheeting is covered in a white plastic designed to reflect light back towards plants. And the exterior black face prevents any external daylight from entering growing areas, providing maximum discretion and environmental control. 

Black and white sheeting is made of a durable material designed to resist UV and other factors in the environment which could damage it. The white side reflects between 80 and 85 per cent of light from your internal light sources, while the blackout side prevents any light from entering from the outside.

The sheeting is available in a range of lengths and in a 100m roll. It is ideal for covering windows and is suitable for both hydroponics and for ground cover if necessary. 

Features of black and white sheeting

  • Provide your plants with maximum shielding from daylight
  • Reflect between 80 and 85 per cent of light back into your rooms
  • Ideal for splitting grow rooms and suitable for hydroponics 
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