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Rockwool Slabs

Rockwool Slabs


If you're looking for a lightweight growing medium, then rockwool slabs are ideal. They are made of basalt and chalk heated to a high temperature and then spun in a large spinning chamber. The resulting product has a cotton-candy texture which provides an exceptional substrate for indoor plant systems and hydroponics. 

Cultilene rockwool slabs are suitable for various growing settings and can be arranged vertically for maximum space utilisation. The rockwool features changing density across its depth, enabling equal distribution of moisture and pH throughout the stack. 

Rockwool slabs also offer exceptional aeration in all seasons, meaning that the roots remain active and water runs off both efficiently in web conditions. The combination of horizontal fibre structure and biologically inert substructure gives you more control over key plant growth variables, including EC, temperature, soil acidity and water distribution. The result? Higher yields and more robust plants. 

Features of rockwool slabs

  • Maintains optimal distribution of water and root structure
  • Made of entirely natural materials
  • Ideal for use in vertical orientation systems
  • Suitable for a range of hydroponics and indoor growing systems
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