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Grodan Rockwool Blocks

Grodan Rockwool Blocks


Grodan Rockwool Blocks are a type of wool made of limestone and basalt rocks, spun into microscopic fibres and then forced under pressure into a cube's shape. As such, this product is entirely natural and suitable for a garden or growing room near you.

Grodan Rockwool Blocks come in a variety of sizes ideal for both seeds and cuttings. The cubes are specially designed to encourage the growth of roots down towards the base. The size of the block you choose depends on your application. You can place blocks without holes on the ground for drainage. 

Each block comes individually wrapped and provides various small and large pores to ensure that roots always get the water they need. If you want to grow more plants, you can place multiple plants together for a larger growing volume. All blocks provide ample air to keep plants adequately aerated during the grow cycle.

Features of Grodan Rockwool Blocks

  • Made of 100 per cent natural limestone and basalt rocks
  • Provides space for optimal growth of roots. 
  • Suitable for both cuttings and starting seeds


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