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Silverstar 150 | Genesis Hydro

Silverstar 150 | Genesis Hydro


If you're looking for a traditionally-shaped, sealed air-cooled reflector, then look no further than the Silverstar 150mm. This compact yet simple product offers all of the benefits of premium models but at a considerably more affordable price point. 

The unit features a clever design that maximises illumination in your indoor growing environment and keeps your bills down. The glass bottom cover is easy to remove, allowing you to quickly swap out old bulbs. And there are handy safety features built into the device that prevent wires from dangling out while you open the hinge. 

The Silverstar 150mm will happily accommodate standard lighting options, ranging from 400 to 600 W. The reflector area is 57 cm long and 53 cm wide, providing ample reflective surface to direct as much light as possible in the direction of your plants. It is compatible with a range of ballasts. 

Features of the Silverstar 150mm: 

  • Large reflective surface 
  • Air-cooled
  • Can accommodate 400W to 600W bulbs
  • Efficient design keeps bills to a minimum
  • Handy safety features that protect you when swapping bulbs
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