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Cooltube 150mm / 125mm | Genesis Hydro


Lighting in indoor growing setups sometimes has a tendency to overheat, causing issues when you are trying to carefully control conditions. But with this Cooltube in 150mm / 125mm versions, you can reduce temperatures and move your lights closer to plants for faster growth. 

To install, simply place the Cooltube around your existing lighting and connect to a fan. The tube will fully surround the light, preventing the release of any unpleasant odours, while ensuring that your plants continue to receive the maximum amount of illumination possible. 

If you have ducting, you can mount multiple selections in a row. Each Cooltube units requires around 200 cubic millimetres of air per hour for effective cooling action. To work out the size of the fan you need, simply multiply this figure by the number of shades. Fans should quote their air displacement capacity. 

Features of the Cooltube 150mm / 125mm: 

  • 125mm version suitable for 250W to 600W lights
  • 150mm version suitable for 600W to 1000W lights
  • Features a Euro-style reflector for maximum illumination
  • Connect to suitable fans for best results
  • Self-contained unit to control unpleasant odours
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