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Adjust-a-Wings Reflectors

Adjust-a-Wings Reflectors


Adjust-A-Wings reflectors are a powerful solution for anyone looking to increase light coverage in their indoor growing systems. The device features highly reflective material, allowing you to concentrate more light towards your plants while reducing your waste. 

Adjust-A-Wings offers you unparalleled power and performance. The device is made of a PVD/ceramic-coated molten glass which provides between 95 and 97 reflectivity and will last for around 20 years. The double-parabolic design provides exceptional directionality, and it is around twice the power of many other standard reflectors on the market. 

The product is almost entirely corrosion-resistant, meaning that you can use it in high-humidity environmental and greenhouses. And it is made of a glass-coated super allow for additional resilience. 

The equipment is lightweight and low profile, permitting use in a variety of indoor settings. And it is compatible with one 1000W lamp, or two 400W or 600W lamps. 

Features of Adjust-A-Wings Reflectors

  • Adjust-A-Wings reflectors are powerful tools that let you channel light
  • Increase yields while reducing energy consumption
  • Suitable in a variety of indoor settings
  • Unrivalled power-to-performance ratio
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