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Lumatek Tekken Professional DE Reflectors

Lumatek Tekken Professional DE Reflectors


Lumatek presents the Tekken Pro DE; a premium grade reflector tailored for tent and grow room use. Offering an extremely optimised, high performing double-ended reflector with pioneering SPDS-A lamp sockets, designed for use with 630W CMH DE, 600W 400V DE and 1000W 400V grow lamps. This closed-end system is designed to vent heat and concentrate light downwards within a 1.2m x 1.2m footprint.


This reflector offers an immensely reflective oxide layer system providing 98% reflectivity. Currently the most reflective material on the market. Produced using MIRO reflective surface material derived from the purest aluminium 99.99%. The Tekken Pro DE can be used with any high PAR/PPF output Double Ended grow lamps rated up to 1000W.


The Lumatek Tekken Pro DE delivers exceptional light penetration with a constant square spread of light ensuring plants grow evenly with no hot spots. The optimised reflective surface and closed-end design ensure maximum penetration of focused light onto your plants with minimal wasted light. UK based Lumatek also offer a hammertone aluminium 92% reflectivity version of this reflector.


  • -        Designed for use with industry-leading 1000W400V DE grow lamps with the highest PAR micromol rating

  • -        Flat packed with easy assembly instructions

  • -        Rated for lamps up to 1000W

  • -        Available separately or as a 1000W 400V lighting kit

  • -        Increased light = higher yield

  • -        Vented for heat dissipation

  • -        SPPDS-A lamp sockets

  • -        Dimensions: 615mm x 615mm x 220mm

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