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Lumatek Shinobi Parabolic Reflectors

Lumatek Shinobi Parabolic Reflectors


The Lumatek Shinobi Reflector is an innovative design of parabolic reflector manufactured to an extremely high standard. The design is intended to deliver optimised light downwards. Measuring 80cm across it aims to penetrate through and spread light evenly at approx 1m square and it delivers every time. Please note: If you are looking for a reflector that delivers a wide light spread than you need the Turrican reflector. Please look on our website for this model.


This design was created with a solution in mind. A reflector uniquely tailored for small-space growing. E.g. a tent. A regular reflector allows a vast amount of light to travel sideways, whereas the Shinobi directs all light downwards therefore it doesn’t rely on the tent/ walls to reflect light.


Designed to keep weight to a bare minimum, the Shinobi is completely made from lightweight Aluminium; the bulb holder, hanger, leaves and both top plates. This reflector is utterly fit for purpose.


The Shinobi boasts a Variable Ventilation System; the adjustable top plate allows you to increase or decrease the amount of hot air escaping. Therefore, if your canopy is temperature is too hot, simply adjust the plate to facilitate maximum airflow. If a temperature decrease is required, you are able to close the vent system. You can choose from two forms with this reflector, white and ultra. The ultra is a premium, highly reflective version made from Focal 95, delivering 95% reflection. The white is the standard powder-coated version.


You will be pleased to know, Lumatek has upgraded the wiring on this reflector and both models use the same lamp holding system. It uses a wiring connector rated to 750 volts, standard shades usually use ones rated to 350v. Additionally, the wiring is sealed in a fully enclosed unit with cable grips at both ends. 3 x 1.5mm cable is used compared to 3 x 0.75mm used on a lot of competitors reflectors. Maximum intensity light is concentrated consistently into 1sqm, rated for up to 1000w.


  • -        Focused downward uniform light spread

  • -        80cm diameter parabolic for 1 sqm light footprint

  • -        Can position close to the top of the plant canopy for more light

  • -        Vented top section to reduce heat build-up

  • -        Highly reflective Focal 95 finish 95% reflectivity

  • -        Constructed from premium grade components

  • -        1.5mm cable, 750V connector & cable grips

  • -        Eliminates hotspots

  • -        Supplied with 4m IEC lead for simple connection to ballasts

  • -        Can be used with both CFLs and HID lamps

  • -        Packaged in flat packs – easier to store and deliver

  • -        Clear concise instructions for easy assembly

  • -        Rated for HPS/MH grow lamps up to 1000Watts

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