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X-Stream Aeroponic Propagators

X-Stream Aeroponic Propagators


To accelerate rooting and early growth, the X-Stream Aeroponic propagator is all you need. If you wish to create robust, huge roots in no time at all, increasing your cutting success rate and preparing your plants for hydroponic systems or pots these propagators are for you.


Place your cuttings into the propagator with no Rockwool blocks or cubes. You feed your plants with a fine nutrient and water spray. As they develop, their bare roots are exposed, and nutrients go directly to the roots.

This way your plants will uptake more nutrients and you will see explosive growth. Aeroponics are recognised as an extremely productive hydroponic growing method. Success rates are increased, and rooting times are reduced, significantly increasing thicker, stronger roots. The misters are connected to a water pump that runs continuously, spraying the rhizosphere with an ultra-fine mist, this provides a highly oxygenated environment, optimising root development.

The huge vents on the propagator lid enable precision control over temperature and humidity and it is common to have fully rooted cuttings in under a week. It is possible to heat these propagators by adding a water heater to the tank.


  • Dimensions: L 46cm x W 39cm x H 40cm
  • Tank Size: 8 litre


  • Dimensions: L 60cm x W 41cm x H 41cm

  • Tank Size: 14 litres


  • Dimensions: L 76cm x W 61cm x H 41cm
  • Tank Size: 25 litres


  • Dimensions: L 120cm x W 68cm x H 47cm

  • Tank Size: 40 litres

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