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Mills Start

Mills Start


Mills Start is a potent bio-stimulant that uses a complex mix of ingredients to stimulate seedings, boost Nitrogen levels and aid your plants throughout the vegetative and early bloom stages of growth. The blend of high-quality ingredients in this stimulator are designed to facilitate optimal synthesis and strengthen your plants root structure. 

Your plants will get a good head start right from the beginning. Mills Start will be quickly be absorbed by your plants and it will provide immediate development for your seedlings, rooted cuttings and juvenile plants. This product is also used during plants transplant, as it can help your plants recover from transplant shock. This will minimise the damage and stress to your plants when being moved or transferred. 

Mills Start is very high in Nitrogen and also contains high grade cold pressed seaweed, sourced from Irish Kelp, Humic and Fulvic Acid and 18 L-Amino Acids. The healthy proteins contained in these ingredients will strengthen the cell walls of your plants and give them a solid structure for all future growth.

Use at 1ml/L during the vegetative stage and the early stages of flowering.

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