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Clonex Mist

Clonex Mist


Clonex is at the forefront of cloning technology and Clonex mist is their latest innovation; developed to facilitate extremely successful cloning. This impressive, complex blend of amino acids and mineral nutrients accelerates a healthy rooting process.

This spray is designed to assist cuttings and seedlings through their most vulnerable stages. Clonex mist improves cutting success rates, reduces rooting times and improves overall energy from the start.

This product also works very well as an effective pre-treatment for mother plants as it is a natural blend of minerals and natural additives, making it completely non-toxic and safe for any environmental application.


Designed for use in two separate stages of a plant’s life, it can be used primarily as a foliar spray to nourish early developing cuttings. However, it can also be applied to your mother plant as an effective pre-treatment before transplantation.

You can apply Clonex mist to the desired area of your mother plant and repeat application two or three times weekly for the two weeks leading up to the removal of any growth. After cuttings are taken, spray them lightly with Clonex before placing them in a propagator.

Using this spray regularly alongside Clonex Gel will improve the success rate of your cuttings.

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