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Root Riot Propagation Cubes

Root Riot Propagation Cubes


Root Riot propagation cubes are the ultimate plant starter for hydroponics or soil and are suitable for both starting seeds and cuttings.  Root Riot developed these cubes in response to growers' needs who wanted systems that would let them consistently outperform alternative media. The product provides plants with the ideal environment for root growth using entirely natural materials. Plants can develop a firm foundation, allowing them to grow roots rapidly and quickly establish themselves.  These propagation cubes are made from entirely composed natural materials and processed in a special way to make them more congenial to plant roots' growth.  Using Root Riot propagation cubes is easy. The come pre-moistened in the packet, but you can simply re-wet them before use if you need to add more water. The cubes should feel spongy to the touch before you place them, but not soaking wet.  Features of Root Riot propagation cubes Made of entirely natural, composed material Ideal for encouraging the rapid growth of roots Suitable for both cuttings and starting seeds Simple to set up and use Comes pre-moistened out of the pack
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