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Fabric Air Pruning Pots

Fabric Air Pruning Pots


Fabric air pruning pots are durable and breathable pieces of kit that help your plants develop healthier roots, attracting more nutrients to the plant. 

With conventional plastic plants, the plant roots eventually reach the edges of the container and are then forced into a tubular shape. Unfortunately, roots continue to circle in search of a friendlier environment, and that causes the plant to expend unnecessary energy, cutting yields

Fabric air pruning pots are different because they interrupt this process in its tracks. The fabric's micro-structure traps the head of the root, preventing it from moving once it reaches the boundary. Thus, once they reach the air on the outside of the pot, they are naturally pruned. Ultimately, this makes the roots more productive and robust to the elements, helping th plant thrive. 

Fabric air pruning pots use a special kind of aeration system that allows fresh air to enter the pots from all angles. 

Features of fabric air pruning pots

  • Prevent excessive root growth
  • Make your plants healthier and more robust
  • Natural air pruning
  • Helps to attract oxygen and diffuse away carbon dioxide
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