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Tomato Cage Plant Supports

Tomato Cage Plant Supports

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Large plants, like tomatoes, will often want to grow along the ground, rather than sprouting upwards. While this works in the natural world, it can make it hard for you to make use of your growing space, and you need a way to control the direction of your plants. The Tomato Cage Plant Support is a great choice for this, providing an easy way to keep your plants upright.

Made with a conical design, this support is made to be able to accommodate your plant as it grows. With more space at the top than at the bottom, your plants will be forced to grow upwards, with even their heaviest branches and limbs supported. The heaviest branches will be able to rest against the sides of the support, while smaller branches can sit freely.

This plant support is designed to be flexible and easy to use, with adjustable rings that can be moved according to the size of your plants. The support can also be flattened and reused, making it ecologically sound and good for your wallet.

  • Keeps plants supported as they grow
  • A simple and easy to use design
  • Support your plants without modifying your space
  • Foldable and reusable
  • Designed for large plants
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