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Plant Magic Hydro Bloom

Plant Magic Hydro Bloom


Are you looking to increase the yield from your indoor flowering and fruiting crops? If so, then Plant Magic Hydro Grow might be the formulation you've been looking for. This unique product contains the full-suite of nutrients your plants need to thrive and grow rapidly. Plant Magic infuses the solution with primary nutrients, such as nitrogenous compounds, potassium and phosphorous, and important secondary trace elements, including calcium and magnesium. 

Plant Magic Hydro Grow is a biostimulant that ensures that you get the absolute maximum yields possible from your crop. The solution comes in parts A and B that you need to keep separate. Adding the formulation to your soil is easy and varies with the background water hardness in your area. 

Ultimately, Plant Magic Hydro Grow is ideal for all types of hydroponics systems or any other soil-less medium. It helps to prevent deficiencies, stopping lock-out in its tracks. 

Features of Plant Magic Hydro Grow

  • Full suites of nutrients for hydroponics systems or plants grown in a soil-less medium
  • Suitable for both hard and soft water areas
  • Ideal for fruiting and flowering crops
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