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Plant Magic Hydro Bloom

Plant Magic Hydro Bloom


If you want fast growing, high yielding crops with healthy fruit and flowers, Plant Magic Hydro Bloom will help you to achieve your goals! It is a 2-part, premium, mineral-based plant-food that is particularly great for any plants grown hydroponically in hard water areas.

Water quality differs between different parts of the country and you can't necessarily easily change the water type that you have. Instead of buying bottled water (which is costly and detrimental to the environment), you can use Plant Magic Hydro Bloom in hard water areas and it will work really well!

The liquid contains NPK, micro-nutrients, humates, calcium and magnesium - all in the right quantities to help your plants to thrive.

Directions for Use: Use on your plants during their flowering stages for the best effects. Shake the bottle thoroughly before use. Add equal amounts of the A & B liquids separately to the required amount of water. It is generally recommended that you use 1 - 3ml per litre of water to give you a target EC from the grow schedule. Please note that background water hardness will affect EC levels. Mix the solution thoroughly and use calibrated measuring equipment to measure your EC values. Adjust your pH to 6.0.

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