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Plant Magic Flush

Plant Magic Flush


Are you looking to improves the taste and flavour properties of your hydroponics crop? If so, then Plant Magic Flush could be the solution you've been looking for. This unique formulation contains components that strip excess salts and nutrients from your soils before harvesting, helping to remove the metallic taste that you can get from some indoor-grown plants. 

The formulation is entirely water-based. You apply it close to the time of harvest to encourage additional sugar production and reduce mineral absorption that can change your crop's flavour properties. The result is delicious plants that don't carry too much of the flavour of the soil. 

Plant Magic Flush also contains an array of plant-boosting hormones too. These allow you to finish your crop more rapidly.

Ultimately, Plant Magic Flush offers increased flavour and aroma for all your plants and is suitable for hard water areas with high mineral concentration. 

Features of Plant Magic Flush

  • Helps to reduce the metallic taste in your crop by removing excess minerals from the soil
  • Contains helpful hormones that encourage the production of sugars before harvest
  • Improves flavour and aroma
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