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Plant Magic Enzyme

Plant Magic Enzyme


Here at Hydro Genesis, we are delighted to sell the unique Enzyme formula that has been created by the incredible team at Plant Magic. This is a special formula of enzymes that will break down dead roots, turning them into nutrients that can benefit your plant growth. 

  • Choose from different quantities when shopping at Hydro Genesis
  • Suitable for disinfected tanks
  • Breaks down dead matter into food
  • Gets rid of dead roots so that disease is prevented
  • Low prices and quick delivery assured

This unique Enzyme formula from Plant Magic will get rid of all dead roots, which helps to stop disease while also benefitting your plant because the dead roots will be broken down into organic matter, which provides essential nutrients for efficient plant growth. 

As this product is not based on bacteria, it can actually be used alongside peroxide products and disinfectant cleaners, giving you greater versatility when it comes to the health and maintenance of your plants.

Should you have any queries about Plant Magic Enzyme, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

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