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Fortefog 'P' Midi Fumer


The Midi Fortefog ‘p’ Fumer is a simple and convenient one-shot fumigation device for clearing a room of common pests/insects. Once the canister is activated it releases a mixture of Permethrin and Potassium Chlorate fumes which will kill common insects over the course of 16 hours in an enclosed space. We recommend fumigating your grow room in between crop cycles when the room is completely empty. Therefore, when you begin your next cycle, the room will be free of pests. 

Depending on the type of pest you are trying to eradicate the midi version can treat a room up to 400 cubic meters. The fumes from this product are toxic, so the room should be completely evacuated after use. All windows should be closed, and the room should be made as fume tight as possible. Place the device in a low position, in the centre of the room, on a heat resistant surface. Take off the lid, light the fuse and leave the room, closing all doors behind you. For optimum results fumigate in the late afternoon and leave the room sealed all night. Please be aware the smoke is not residual so you should use a spray insecticide after the treatment to kill any eggs that may be present.

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