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Thrips Predators (Amblyseius Cucumeris)

Thrips Predators (Amblyseius Cucumeris)


Thrips predators - also called Amblyseius cucumeris - are a species of predatory mite that seeks out and destroys species that are harmful to your plants. The bug is highly mobile and very effective at seeking out nascent infestations and eliminating them before they cause noticeable damage. 

Thrips predators arrive in packs and are easy to apply in sachets. We recommend hanging these on your plants and using the controlled release system to drip feed them into the surrounding environment.

Amblyseius cucumeris are tan-coloured mites that usually live their lives on the underside of leaves or inside the veins of mature flowers. Growers should apply them early in the season to prevent the buildup of thrips. 

Establishments of Amblyseius cucumeris usually takes around three to four weeks, so you should apply them before a thrips problem develops.

Amblyseius cucumeris usually feed on thrips in the larval stage and not on adults. Thus, you will only usually notice a decrease in the thrip population in about three weeks once older members of the population die. 


  • A potent method to naturally control the spread of thrips
  • Safe around both people and pets
  • Reduces the thrip population is as little as three weeks
  • Best applied at the start of the season
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