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ONA Block

ONA Block


Ona blocks are specialist odour neutralisers that will effectively neutralise odours that can be common and unavoidable when growing certain more scented species of plants.

These blocks don’t simply mask odours with artificial fragrances. Instead, they neutralise odours using an essential oils based formula. This formula removes organic and non-organic odours in the air around your plants and emits a scent of your choice. 

We offer Ona blocks in a choice of two different scents - Pro or Fresh Linen. The scent that will best suit you will depend entirely on your personal preferences!

The Ona block is completely organic. As we've briefly mentioned, it uses essential oils to create its fresh scents. It is safe for use around plants and pets.

The lifespan of your Ona block can vary due to differences in airflow and the environment around the block. However, the average lifespan for an Ona block is roughly 4 weeks. 


Directions for use: Attach the vented lid of your Ona block, or remove the lid entirely and expose the block to the air. Leave it in an area where you'd like to neutralise odours. It will get to work immediately and you'll begin to notice results in next to no time.


  • Completely remove unwanted odours
  • Created from a blend of 32 natural essential oils
  • Safe for use around pets and plants
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