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Shogun Samurai Coco


Shogun Samurai Coco is a two part A and B formulation Coco nutrient. Compared to other NPK formulas is has been shown to increase yields by up to 8%. Developed by a leading biochemist, this cost effective, concentrated formula performs exceptionally well. 

The ingredients are of the highest quality and provide your plants with all the Nitrogen, phosphorus and Potassium they need along with all the micro-nutrients they require. It is understood that Coco can absorb calcium and release potassium; Shogun Coco contains an optimised ratio of nutrients for growing in Coco. This makes sure there will be no deficiencies, as long as plants watered every day and you can achieve at least 20-40% run off.

Samurai Coco also contains the SmartZen additive. SmartZen is a blend of sterols, lignans, tannin, lipids and hydrocarbons. Together, they give a huge increase in photosynthesis and lower any heat stress. Shogun Samurai coco nutrient also contains AquaZen - a special ingredient that ensures that the coco fibre in your pots is wetted evenly and thoroughly to the optimum level for the very best root development. This really is the best Coco nutrient on the market. These ingredients are not found in any other base nutrient.

This product is for plants grown in Coco medium, either hydroponically or hand watered.

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