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CO2 Fusion Spray

CO2 Fusion Spray


CO2 contains a blend of natural plant extract, amino acids and sugars. You can get all the benefit of CO2 supplementation in a simple foliar spray. That can be used when the lights are on.

The blend combined with the high CO2 content of the solution aids in increasing leaf size and the rate of photosynthesis. This will provide the plant with more energy to grow quickly and produce more abundant yields.

We recommend spraying 2-3 times a day when the lights are on in your grow room, making sure the entire plant is covered. This product will cause no leaf burning when used in full lighting conditions.


Fusion recommends spraying 2-3 times per day when the lights are on, making sure the whole plant is covered. This spray is designed in a particular way that no burning will be caused when used in full light conditions.

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