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Green Planet Purpinator


Following the success of green planet’s Terpinator, they have developed a specialised formula to enhance the natural colouration of purple of varieties of plants. This product includes all the benefits of Terpinator, this includes increased and enhanced aromas, larger and more abundant resin glands and better essential oil production.

Many growers wish to grow a purple variety of plant, however when it comes to harvest it can usually be disappointing as the purple colour never really reaches its full potential. Purpinator stimulates the production of Anthocyanins (purple compounds) which maximises this beautiful colouration.

If plant sap pH is low then Cyanidin tends to be red, When the plant sap has a high pH it tends to be more blue. The neutral sap pH that Purpinator encourages helps to bring out both colours which when combined produce purple hues. Not all strains have the ability to produce high amounts of Anthocyanins.

Purpinator will promote the maximum purple colouration potential in these strains. It is also worth knowing that the inclusion of some blue light (400nm-500nm) likewise stimulates the production of purple pigments. Cooler night temperatures will also facilitate the production of violet tints in leaves, flowers and fruits.

Purpinator can be used in any growing medium. Please do not use it alongside Terpinator as this could lead to overdosing. It should also never be used as a foliar spray. The product is very concentrated, so if it is used in a reservoir, please make sure it is well aerated, especially in DWC. Purpinator should be used throughout both vegetative and flowering stages, however studies show is most effective during the flowering stage, especially during the mis to late stages.

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