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Vitalink Chill


Vitalink Chill is a defence strategy if you are struggling with temperature issues, which can be devastating for your crops. This intensely tested, reliable and consistent product is a powerful and effective bio stimulant that helps to avoid any losses caused by unfavourable weather conditions. 

Vitalink Chill contains betaines, these act as osmopotectants. These are vital for protecting your plants against heat damage. Gibberellins and auxins are also present, which are plant growth hormones. Plus the addition of vitamin B1, which facilitates a early response in the plant to allow it to cope in more heat sensitive conditions.

Chill will also stimulate the growth and development of roots and side shoots, whilst simultaneously heling to prevent flower abortion during times of hot temperatures. VitaLink Chill also contains sulphur which is a macronutrient necessary for chlorophyll, vitamins and amino acid formation.

Chill is highly effective in any growing medium. Use Chill alongside your other nutrients at a rate of 0.3ml to 0.5ml per litre of nutrient solution, finishing before the final flush.

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