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Mills Basis A-B

Mills Basis A-B


Mills Basis A-B is a two-part solution for those who want to improve their plant’s nutritional intake. Designed to promote nutrient absorption while also providing nutrients, this solution is a great way to kickstart plant growth before it reaches maturity. This two-part nutrient blend can even help your plants to improve protein synthesis and photosynthesis, further adding to their healthy growth.

Mills Basis A-B can be used with hydroponics systems and regular soil, offering a versatile mix that can be used throughout the entire growth and lifecycle of your plants. Each part can be mixed in equal quantities, and you need only add it to the water you give to your plants to get started. Basis A contains Ca (Calcium 4%) and Fe (Red Iron), while Basis B contains Mg (Magnesium 1%) and Molybdenum, giving you full coverage of the nutritional needs of your plants.

  • Designed to be used with hydroponic systems and regular soil
  • Available in 1L, 5L, and 10L bottles
  • Suitable for plants at any point in their lifecycle
  • Designed to be easy and safe to use
  • Improves soil quality and protects natural bacteria
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