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Nutrient Measuring Syringes

Nutrient Measuring Syringes


Your grow room relies on your ability to make sure that you can deliver precise measurements of nutrients and boosters to your plants when you need them. Too much or too little and you can affect the quality of your growths. Make sure that you never make that mistake with these nutrient measuring syringes from Genesis Hydro.

These disposable syringes, available in both 10ml and 60ml, have clear markings along the side, showing you precisely how much of any given liquid is inside. They're designed to make it easy to, slowly and with care, fill with the nutrients that you need by pulling the plunger. Then, you simply push down on the plunger to deliver the measure of nutrients your plants need.

These practical nutrient measuring syringes can play a vital role in your grow room and they can play it with ease, eliminating any guess work that might have been part of your process before.

  • Available in both 10ml and 60ml sizes
  • Easy to read measurements on the side
  • Recommended for use in hydroponics
  • Accurate and easy measurements of nutrients
  • Made of polypropylene plastic
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