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Lumatek Zeus Pro 600W LED Grow Light | Genesis Hydro


The Lumatek Zeus Pro 600W LED Grow Light is the brand's high-performance, low-profile grow light for the ultimate return on investment. This slimline product is ideal for both regular grow rooms and multi-layer cultivation, offering an LED-based illumination solution that improves light quality. You can use it as a single source or use it in combination with other lights in your grow room. 

The Zeus Pro 600W features multiple bars arranged parallel to each other, each housing an array of advanced LED lights. Lumatek designs the product to deliver light intensity across the footprint of your grow room, offering a high 1620 µmol/s PPF and fixture efficiency of 2.7 µmol/J.

Thanks to the uniform light output, growers can place this light closer to plants. The Zeus Pro features automated dimming, allowing you to use it with multiple cultivars without damaging them. You can also put it into Sunrise & Sunset mode. 

Features of the Lumatek Zeus Pro 600W LED Grow Light

  • Low-profile, high-performance grow light
  • Uniform, dimmable light distribution
  • Ideal for multi-layer systems
  • Use as a standalone supplemental light
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