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Barb Cross Pieces

Barb Cross Pieces


Irrigating your grow space has always been a challenge. While you may have plenty of pumps, a tank filled with nutrients, and loads of plants waiting for water, connecting the whole thing together can end up feeling like a giant snaking puzzle. These Bard Cross Pieces offer a way to create junctions in your irrigation system, eliminating the need for a loop that reaches all of your plants.

Made from strong UV resistant plastic, these cross pieces are built to last. They can withstand pressures up to 3 bar, offering gardeners with strong pumps a fitting that won’t fail on them when they need it most. Each of the barbs can be used to attach flexible or rigid piping, though you may need a clip or clamp to create a tight seal.

These Bard Cross Pieces are available in 4mm and 13mm sizes, providing you with all of the kits you need to be able to irrigate your plants, even if your other accessories aren’t the same size. Alongside this, these pieces are compatible with our other irrigation products, including clamps and valves.

  • 4-way irrigation connecting piece
  • Made from strong UV resistant plastic
  • Designed for use with other irrigation products
  • Easy to use
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