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Ratchet Clamps

Ratchet Clamps


Getting a tight fit on the tubing and pipes that make up your irrigation system can be a challenge. Cable ties are good but can be hard to remove without damaging the pipe that lies beneath them, and options like tape rarely produce the results you’re after. This is where these Ratchet Clamps come in, providing you with an incredibly easy way to secure your irrigation without damaging your other parts.

These clips are incredibly simple to use. Just open up the clamp and pull it around the fitting/pipe that needs to be held in place, and push the two sets of teeth together until they ratchet into the right position. You can then push the teeth to each side to open the clip back up. Not only does this make it faster to set up your irrigation, but it also makes it easier to take it apart.

Able to withstand pressures up to 3 bar, these clamps will be suitable for most irrigation systems, whether you’re indoors or outside. They are made from UV resistant plastic to ensure that they will last for a really long time in your garden.

  • Easy ratcheting system
  • Made from UV resistant plastic
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Smooth edges to ensure pipe longevity
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