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Inline Valves

Inline Valves


Creating an irrigation system that is suitable for a wide range of different plant species can be a difficult task. Each plant will need different levels of hydration, and most gardeners don’t like the idea of wasting water and nutrient mixes watering plants that don’t need it. The Green Back Inline Valve from Antelco can solve this problem, along with many more.

These Inline Valves have been specially designed to be as easy to use as possible. Simply fit a hose or pipe to each end, and you can start taking proper control over the plants in your garden or hydroponic system with very little effort. Once all hooked up, you need only turn the knob to create a flow of water. This is ideal for gardeners with large spaces to tend who don’t want to carry water all the time.

Designed to last and support even the most extreme systems, these inline valves have an operating pressure range up to 300 kPa. The green emblem on the top of the valve signifies that it is for irrigation, though you can also buy purple examples that are designed to carry recycled water. These valves should always be installed with both the inlet and outlet connected.

  • Made for gardens and hydroponic systems
  • Operating pressure range up to 300 kPa
  • Green top for easy identification
  • UV stabilized for a long life span
  • Available in 3 sizes
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