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House & Garden Amino Treatment

House & Garden Amino Treatment


House & Garden Amino Treatment enhances plant growth, improving the taste of fruits and appearance of flowers without giving you extra work to do. Plants use Amino Acids to produce the complex proteins needed to produce fruit and flowers, along with using it as a key component in a wide range of their other biological functions. This makes it well worth giving your plants extra Amino Acids when you can, and House & Garden Amino Treatment is here to help you out.

House & Garden Amino Treatment increases chlorophyll production, making leaves and stems appear greener while also improving their ability to generate energy with photosynthesis. This results in faster growth, healthier roots and stems, and will even make fruit and flowers taste and look better. This solution can be used in soil and hydroponics, giving your plants everything they need without having to move them around. Available in 250ML, 500ML, and 1L bottles, House & Garden Amino Treatment is easy to use without overdosing your plants. 

  • Designed to improve the size of flowers and taste of fruits
  • Promotes general plant health and growth
  • Increases chlorophyll production to speed-up photosynthesis
  • Available in 250ML, 500ML, and 1L bottles
  • Gives your plants a balanced diet
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