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AutoPot 1 Pot Systems


The AutoPot 1 Pot System is a simple, yet effective system for growing large plants. The kit consists of the AutoPot modules and everything that you require to set these innovative systems up. Simply add growing media, plants and you are good to go. The low cost, easy to manage and simple to maintain systems will take care of themselves. No energy is required as there are no pumps or timers; these systems are gravity fed. 

Your plants will have unrestricted access to water and nutrients, this allows them to use what they need and feed when they need it. The pots are modular, which is particularly useful, as even part way through a crop you can move pots around and expand your systems.

The plant pots will sit on the bottom trays, gravity allows feed to flow from your tank towards the bottom tray. Each tray contains an AQUAvalve. Therefore, when the trays become empty, the valve allows them to fill with 20cm of nutrient solution. Your plants control their own feed and this solution mimics a flood and drain system without needing a pump.

They are available in 1-100 plant options and any of these can be extended by connecting more AutoPot Modules.

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