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Canna Terra Professional Plus Soil

Canna Terra Professional Plus Soil


Canna Terra Professional Plus Soil gives the best results with Canna Terra nutrients. This is the purest potting mix available for plant cultivation. It is comprised of airy peat moss and different types of tree bark that have antiseptic properties. 

These products promote profound root development and the formation of thicker stems. The formulation is specifically tailored for indoor growing environments; however, it also works well outdoors.

This soil is pH-adjusted for long term control with a lime charge that is great enough to last an entire cycle. The mineral nutrient starter charge it has, adjusts the initial level of nutrients up to a good beginning charge, correcting the ratios to work perfectly with Canna Terra nutrients. 

The perfect formula provided optimal amounts of water and air throughout the medium. The soil also contains trace elements and chelates, which protect the plants during their growing cycle. 

We recommend loosening the soil and fill the pots, followed by compressing the soil gently. Add a little amount of water until it begins to drain, then place the plant into the soil. Under normal conditions, adult plants evaporate 4-6 L of moisture a day per meter squared. 

Optimal watering will depend on pot size, growing conditions, plant growth etc. We recommend the use of 5L pots or larger for bigger plants. The bigger the pot, the more constant the root environment will be. For optimal drainage, you may wish to add a thin layer of hydro-granules in the bottom of the pot.

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