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T5 Propagation Lights

T5 Propagation Lights


T5 Propagation lights are perfect for cuttings, seedlings or a mother plant. You can boost growth without overpowering plants as they are low power, fluorescent and emit very minimal heat.

These lights are also used to provide side and low lighting to plants, optimal height is around 2-3 cm from your plant. Offering blue spectrum bulbs for vegetative growth and red spectrum for flowering are also available.


The T5 allows you to personalise your grow room to suit your needs, you can choose multiple hanging arrangements with the suspension cables. With a simple plug and play the system delivers flexibility, performance and high lumens for all environments.

The T5 provides double the lamp energy of regular fluorescent systems and combine German specular aluminium with energy efficient/high output bulbs.


  • 2 Foot 2 Tube - 63 x 24 x 6cm
  • 2 Foot 4 Tube - 63 x 41 x 6cm
  • 4 Foot 4 Tube - 123 x 42 x 6cm
  • 4 Foot 8 Tube - 123 x 74 x 6cm
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