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IWS Flood & Drain Systems for Giant Yields

IWS Flood & Drain Systems for Giant Yields


With space conservation being more important than ever before for modern farms, hydroponic systems like IWS are becoming increasingly important. This system can improve your yield by providing your plants with all of the nutrients, water, and oxygen that they need to grow rapidly and in good health.

Water is pumped into each pot from a central Brain Pot, with a special float to make sure that each pot is given the same amount. This water pushes out the air, before being drained and drawing fresh air into each pot. Keeping your plant’s roots healthy, while also providing them with the oxygen and nutrients they need, this is one of the best ways to ensure that your plants are always growing.

IWS Flood & Drain Systems For Giant Yields are designed to be easy to expand and maintain while providing you with as much growth as possible with the space you have. Plant feed is saved between feedings, lowering the waste you generate, while also enabling you to save money on your plant feed.

  • A great way to keep plants watered and healthy
  • Provides water and nutrients to 6 to 48 plant pots
  • Easy to use and set up with minimal maintenance
  • Suitable for use with most planting media, including clay balls
  • Spare parts and upgrades available

The IWS flood and drain system is designed to increase farm yields in hydroponic systems. It pumps a solution from the water butt into each plant pot to feed the plants while pushing out air. The system comes with a float system that ensures the solution rises to the same level in every pot.

As the solution drains out of the pot, the root zone pulls in fresh air. The drained water finds its way back to the water butt, and the process is essential in re-balancing the pH and EC. Stale air is replaced with fresh oxygenated air at every feed to encourage more productive plant growth.

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