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Ebb & Flood Components

Ebb & Flood Components


Ebb & Flood is an intelligent hydroponics system that is designed to provide maximum nutrition and oxygenation to your plants. A tray lined with clay pebbles sits atop a reservoir, with up to 8 plants spaced evenly and rooted into the clay. The system is periodically flooded with nutrient-rich water, before being drained away into the bottom section for the cycle to begin again. This traps oxygen at the root level and provides your plants with everything they need to be healthy.

Genesis Hydro offers a full range of Ebb & Flood components to enable you to repair or replace parts of your current system, or even build a new one from scratch. We offer 4 top tray options, 5 tank options, and 4 top plate (Correx) options, and you can find the dimensions for each of them below.

Top Tray Dimensions: EF120 - 56cm x 56cm, EF230/EF100 - 112cm x 112cm, EF420 - 153cm x 51cm, EF620 - 219cm x 114cm

Tank Sizes: EF120 - 45 Litres, EF230 - 123 Litres, EF420 - 114 Litres, EF620 - 190 Litres, EF100 - 100 litres

The Ebb and Flood system is ideal for anyone looking to get more out of their garden, giving you the chance to grow more plants without extra effort.

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