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SMSCOM Hybrid Controller

SMSCOM Hybrid Controller


Air movement is crucial in a successful hydroponic setup. This helps your plants get the carbon dioxide they need, while also providing wind resistance to encourage stronger growth. The SMSCom Hybrid Pro Fan Speed Controller makes it incredibly easy to control the fans responsible for this, taking all of the tricky work out of your hands.

This box is incredibly simple; plug your fans in, set the dials, and you can enjoy full control over the ventilation in your workspace. You can control each fan’s speed, along with the target temperature you would like to reach in the room. Once this is done, the SMSCom controller will automatically start and stop your fans to maintain the temperature you set.

The 4-amp version of this system can handle a 900W load, while thew 8-amp version can deal with 1800W and the 16-amp version can do 3600W. This provides you with a huge range of options for your fans, without forcing you to invest in expensive controllers that don’t allow the customisation that you need.

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Available in 8amp, 16amp, and 32amp models
  • Controls fans and maintains temperatures
  • Fan speed and temperature controls
  • Includes Mk2 SMSCom Hybrid Pro Controller, 4.5m temperature sensor, 1.2m power cable, 1.6m light sensor
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