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Combi Flexible Ducting

Combi Flexible Ducting


Ventilation is one of the most crucial elements of any hydroponic setup. Your plants need air to provide them with carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and oxygen, and the wind resistance passing by can help to make them strong. This Combi Flexible Ducting from Genesis Hydro makes it incredibly easy to build a system that will last long into the future, even in tight and awkward spaces.

This ducting is made with an aluminium and polyester inner shell and surrounded with PVC to finish it off. This results in a flexible and durable ducting option that can withstand the pressures and temperatures found in most grow rooms. Not only is this ducting durable, but it is also guaranteed to be completely airtight, ensuring that you don’t waste any of the pressure your fans and pumps are able to build.

Installing this ducting is nice and easy. It is packed flat, and you will need to expand the ducting before you can use it, stretching it from either end. It can be hung using a wide variety of methods, including string, chains, tape, and tack, giving you loads of options when you are getting started with the venting in your grow room.

  • Made to the highest standards
  • PVC coated for protection
  • Insulates temperatures for a more efficient system
  • Made with aluminium, polyester, steel, and PVC
  • Available in a wide variety of sizes and lengths
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