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Acoustic Insulated Ducting

Acoustic Insulated Ducting


Moving air around can be surprisingly noisy. Sound waves bounce around inside ducting, amplifying the sound that comes from fans, electronics, and the other machinery you have in your workspace. The right ducting can solve this problem, and this is exactly what our Acoustic Insulated Ducting is for.

Made with an inner layer of aluminium piping that is surrounded by high-density closed-cell foam and an outer layer of aluminium piping, this ducting has ample sound reduction qualities. Both sounds from inside and outside this ducting are absorbed, not only making your ventilation quieter but also improving your workspace overall.

Alongside absorbing sound, this ducting is also heat insulated. This means that the air inside won’t change temperature thanks to the outside conditions, while also ensuring that your workspace doesn’t get too hot or too cold thanks to your ducts. This is ideal for workspaces that have tight temperature tolerances, giving you much greater control without sacrificing space or usability.

  • Made to the highest standards
  • Acoustic dampening for a quieter workspace
  • Insulates temperatures for a more efficient system
  • Made with aluminium and closed-cell foam
  • Available in a wide variety of sizes and lengths
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