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Wilma System Components

Wilma System Components


If you're planning to feed your plants with nutrients and water regularly, you're going to require a drip system. This will use a pump to feed your plants with nutrients and water, as and when desired, to achieve optimal growth with minimal effort on your part. Drip systems also reduce chances of human error, which could result in over or underwatering and feeding.

Of course, there are many drip systems out there. If you are going to design and maintain your own dripper system, Wilma Components are going to be an absolute must for your grow room. You can put together a range of components to create your own custom set up, which will perfectly meet your individual and unique propagation and irrigation needs. This makes for happier plants that are better catered to.

 Wilma Dripper Tank 1150mm x 1150mm

The Wilma Dripper Tank 1150mm x 1150mm (for Wilma 9, 16 & 20) will be the centre of your system.

Propagation Lid

A Wilma Dripper Tank Propagation Lid will serve to close off your system, helping you to keep your crops under close control.

Wilma Threaded Nipple

The Wilma Threaded Nipple makes create the possibility of fashioning your own drippers. This will help to distribute water and plant feed wherever it's needed. It can be connected to 4mm tubing.

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