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Wilma Dripper Systems

Wilma Dripper Systems


Wilma Dripper Systems are based on the popular Dutch Pot method. They rely on drip irrigation to supply water to your plants, improving over regular hand watering considerably. 

The Wilma Dripper System works by placing pots on a support tray above a nutrient tank. Inside the tank, there's a pump connected to a timer that delivers optimal irrigation to the plants below. 

The tool works on the "little and often" principle. Plants remain hydrated, but never waterlogged. Soil saturation levels remain optimal throughout the growing cycle, maximising potential yields. 

Wilma Dripper Systems come equipped with two types of drippers: flood and arrow. Blue flood drippers are for when you are growing in a medium such as clay pebbles. Black arrow drippers are when you are using more absorbent mediums, such as cocoa, rockwool or soil. 

The drippers deliver a water feed at the rate of around two litres per hour and come with a catchment tank at the bottom for minimising run-off. 


  • Popular drip irrigation system based on the Dutch Pot method
  • Provides optimal watering while avoiding soil saturation
  • Different modes depending on soil type
  • Two-litres of hydration per hour
  • Available in a wide range of sizes and configurations

All Wilma systems come complete with a tank, pots, delivery systems and a pump 

Small 4 

  • Dimensions: 60cm x 60cm 

Large 4

  • Dimensions 75cm x 75cm 

Large 8 

  • Dimensions: 75cm x 75cm 


  • Dimensions 90cm x 90cm 


  • Dimensions 90cm x 90cm 


  • Dimensions: 115cm x 115cm 


  • Dimensions 115cm x 115cm 


  • Dimensions 115cm x 115cm 


  • Dimensions 115cm x 115cm 


  • Dimensions 115cm x 115cm

Small Wide 8 

  • Dimensions 120cm x 60cm

Small Wide 10

  • Dimensions 120cm x 60cm 

Large Wide 8

  • Dimension 120cm x 60cm

XLWide 8

  • Dimensions 190cm x 90cm

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