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Rush RDWC Systems

Rush RDWC Systems


Nutriculture's Rush Recirculating Deep Water Culture (Rdwc) system is a high-yield solution for people looking to get the most from their plants. The hydroponics unit relies on a series of mid-size 6.5-litre pots, connected via 63mm tubing, with fresh water supplied from the pumps. 

Nutriculture designed this product to give growers a consistent, oxygen-rich environment for their plants throughout the growing period. The system eliminates stagnant water issues and ensures that the pH, temperature, nutrient concentration and EC are all optimal. 

The system comes in a range of sizes and configurations. The 40-litre option allows you to choose between 4 and 24 pots spread across two to four lanes. The 60-litre version provides the same level of customisability. 

The Rush Rdwc system works by suspending roots in a reservoir. The in-built air stones provide a continual supply of bubbles directly under the mesh pot, resulting in a nutrient-rich environment in which your plants can thrive. 


  • Advanced hydroponics system for high yields
  • Adjust the number of pots, lanes and total water capacity
  • Maintain consistent pH, temperature, EC and oxygen content
  • Scale your system according to your needs
  • Thick 63 mm pipes reduce blockages 
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