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Alien RDWC Pro Systems

Alien RDWC Pro Systems


Alien RDWC Pro Systems are next-generation hydroponics units that support rapid growth. They rely on highly capable and blockage-resistant 100mm pipework to circulate nutrient solutions from the pump to the roots and back again. Buckets range in size from 34 to 55 litres, allowing you to grow more. 

Alien RDWC Pro Systems are fixed systems offering pot centres between 50 and 75 cm (meaning the distance from the centre of one pot to another). Once you decide on the footprint you want, you know how much room it will take up.

The benefits of the system include higher productivity with fewer plants, vastly improved oxygenation, reduced veg time, consistent pH levels, the ability to plug-and-grow, and unrestricted flow. 

The Jet-Stream air pumps are high-powered and long-lasting. Alien includes A.I.R rings for added durability. 

To enable maximum oxygen availability, Alien RDWC Pro Systems work best when paired with chillers to keep the water temperature between 18 and 21 degrees in warm environments. 


  • Available in a wide range of sizes and configurations
  • Features ultra-wide, blockage-resistant pipes
  • Increases yield by super-oxygenating plants
  • Cuts fruiting and veg times
  • Uses a small amount of medium


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