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IWS R-DWC Systems

IWS R-DWC Systems


Iws R-Dwc Systems are a collection of deep water culture systems that are easy to set up by both newcomers and established growers. They work by creating a water circuit between the foldable water butt, a pump and buckets containing plants. Roots dangle into the water, providing maximum nutrient absorption and yield. 

The Iws Recirculating Deep Water Culture (R-Dwc) system uses advanced technology to maintain the oxygen content and pH of water at a stable level to encourage uniform growth. Unlike some of Iws's systems, you are free to place the pots as close or as far away from each other as you like. Systems are available in a variety of sizes, from a simple four-pot setup to the most extensive 24 pot Pro System with a 750-litre tank. 

The system offers a host of benefits including wide-gauge piping, folding mechanisms for ease of transport, and low noise output. 


  • Advanced technology that maintains the pH and oxygen saturation of the water
  • Expandable from 4 up to 24 pots and from 100-litre to 750-litre tank
  • Exceptionally rapid plant growth
  • Maximum nutrient absorption and yields
  • Folding water butt for easy transportation
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