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Heavy Duty Timer Boards | Genesis Hydro

Heavy Duty Timer Boards | Genesis Hydro


Controlling all the electronics associated with your indoor growing setup can sometimes be a challenge. But with our Heavy Duty Timer Boards, it's easy. You can get reliable power for all your fans and lights while enjoying ample protection and automatic timers at the same time. 

Modern indoor growing systems rely heavily on automation. Growers need lights and fans to switch on and off according to a strict schedule that reflects the needs of their plants. Heavy Duty Timer Boards provide a robust solution by arranging controllers, timers and sockets onto a single board which then hooks up to your existing wiring. 

With us, you can get two types of board: a 12-socket and a 16-socket, both of which offer two auxiliary sockets and helpful timers that turn the power on and off according to your programme. 

Features of Heavy Duty Timer Boards:

  • Available in 12- and 16-socket versions
  • Use timers to switch your lights and fans on and off automatically
  • Equipped with a control unit
  • Get them assembled by a qualified electrician
  • Control up to 16 600W lamps
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